Nuvolari gets his revenge! - The Classic GP Thread


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Back then hey didn't call it Formula One yet, but I've decided to include this article on this section, as those Grand Prix cars were the precursors to post-war Formula One.

A while ago I stumbled into this great little site that features a variety of Grand Prix topics throughout the ages, anything from accounts of long-gone races of yore to vintage motor racing posters to memorabilia and technical specs of emblematic Grand Prix cars of old.

As a pointer as to what's on offer here, here's an account by Dennis David of the 1936 Hungarian Grand Prix. Enthralling stuff.
The Silver Arrows were definitely tough to beat in this period. Luckily for us they liked to document these triumphs on video. However, they certainly did not like to feature the winner in their footage when it was not a German car.

Cracking find there Incubus, I've moved to "off the pit wall" as I can see some great discussions arising in this thread, possibly not F1 based ;)

Great vid KtK :thumbsup:
Yeah, it's funny but I haven't seen anyone ever referencing that site. I found it by chance. Strange, it's obviously a quality one.
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