Poll Number of cars to complete Melbourne GP 2014

Number of cars to complete Melbourne GP 2014

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Just over 2 weeks until first practice. At this stage there are still a lot of cars doing well short of race distance in testing. Just for fun lets have your predictions on the number of finishers at Melbourne.
I'm going straight down the middle. Two or three will get smashed up in a first turn pile up and half the remainder will blow turbo's or catch fire or run out of fuel or some combination of all three.:D

Until this season I would not have been bothered too much about which teams or drivers suffered these ignominies but now I'm in FF1 it's going to be headache! :facepalm:

It could be as little as 4. It may be 5. At the outside, 6.

I would like to tell you all why I think this, but it's just guess work. Actually, if all the predicted unreliability comes true, then that's my reasoning... :)
Nope. Me too. Cars breaking and drivers nursing cars about to break was always an added element of interest and intrigue. It was the visible face of the technological challenge of the sport and one knew that when a car broke the designers and engineers were pushing to, and over, their limits. This is the first season in half a dozen or so years that I've paid attention to the Winter tests precisely because the mechanical engineering and technical challenge is bigger again. I know a lot of folk's don't like races with a lot of attrition but F1 isn't all about the bloke in the cockpit. I think I'm going to enjoy this season as there should be a lot more for me to talk about with the fellow tech heads.
I don't think it's going to be that much of a graveyard. 5 or 6 retirements; some losing control and a couple of mechanical failures.
Agree Fenderman . The very high number of finishers we've had in this era of F1 is symptomatic of regulations that restrain the level of car performance to way below what they would be capable of delivering.
Three or four will be get out at the first turn(Maldonado's fault), then, like some of you said, Renault engines won't arrive to the finish line and there will be another incident between Fer and Kimi fighting for the 3rd place!
Another question. How many are going to complete the warm-up lap and arrive at the start/finish line so they can actually start the GP. ROFL Yes I know i'm rolling around laughing but I'm not actually joking. :bawl:
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