Nico Punished

"apologised for this error of judgement."

Mercedes left no room for misunderstanding with this wording. "Error in judgement" makes it obvious that they know this was anything but an unavoidable 'racing incident'. "Error in judgement" makes it clear that a driver consciously decided to behave in a manner now deemed intolerable. While this PR release may seem somewhat innocuous, it's an incredibly damning assessment of Rosberg's conduct.
Or his 'error in judgement' was thinking that he could get the move done and Lewis should have accounted for him being there?

That statement will mean whatever the reader wants to interpret it as. Not necessarily how it was intended.
The language used by Mercedes is completely unambiguous. It's also clear that many people see the teams public statements as worthless lip service, including Nico Rosberg.

The fact that he unleashed his anger/dismay/frustration about Hungary in a team meeting on Thursday before the Belgian GP perfectly illustrates his frame of mind. As far as he was concerned, Hamilton disobeyed a team order and was ultimately supported for doing it. In his head he was "owed one" and if it came at Lewis' or the Team's expense then that was fine by him. Obviously this was unacceptable for Mercedes and a public admonishment is literally the only recourse they had. History will preserve their comments and years from now there's little question how this collision will be perceived.
Years from now no-one will really give a stuff.

We could say Nico is evil, Lewis is evil, Toto, Niki and Paddy were/are inept but where would that get us?

Only a few will remember this incident as anything exceptional in the scheme of racing and competitive team mates and, even that will be diluted by the rest of the races this season.
Years from now no-one will really give a stuff.

Race leaders coming together is not nearly as commonplace as people seem to think. Championship leading teammates colliding being incredibly rare. Throw in the tidbit of Nico nearly taunting the team in the debrief and you've got the makings of an incident bound to be discussed for some many years.

I can certainly understand why Nico and others would just want to sweep things under the rug and move on without too much attention being paid to the exact wording. Toto and Mercedes have now confirmed on two occasions that what Hamilton said to written journalists post-debrief is essentially accurate. And now its on him to let bygones be bygones and put on a happy face! :friends:
There's little question how this collision will be perceived.

Exactly my point.

Perception: The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

All we ever hear about in these internal meetings is the info Lewis wants/chooses to share for his own gain. We don't know what's happened or how he's behaved at the others but judging by his inability to stfu the red mist has is likely to have risen from young Lewis also. I wasn't there and Lewis is as good a gobshite as he is driver.

I'm going to perceive this one differently. :thumbsup:
Apart from his error in judgement,taking the race leader out of the race, making his team look like tits and ruining Danny's moment I COMPLETELY agree with you Shogun!
Hamberg, if LH hadnt tried to cut Nico off when he wasnt clear, it would have never have happened. LH is just as at fault and then running to the media and telling them that Nico said he did it on purpose, something which Nico claims he never said. As always though, fan perceptions vary. ;)
Mercedes have no doubt about what happened in the debrief, and as they are not allowed to suspend a driver without materially effecting the Championship, the only action they had was to publicly acknowledge the error of Nico's ways. As the sole method of recognizing what happened during a pivotal moment of the 2014 Campaign, I have to appreciate Mercedes' blunt words.

Shogun - Drivers do not launch themselves from a trailing position around the outside of Les Combes. If they had poked their nose ahead at some point, maybe, but if you are never ahead, you have no business being where Rosberg was. But that was precisely the point anyway.... Every single current and ex-driver I've heard comment on this one has recognized that Rosberg was not in an overtaking position and that he should have gotten out of it much sooner.

Except Emmanuele Pirro of course...:dontmentionit:
I know tby has put forward a theory in which Mercedes actually benefit from this kind of attention, but I don't think the Mercedes PR department is willing to lie in their Press Release. Especially considering the post race quotes.

Aug. 24 -
Mercedes have already conceded that Hamilton's remarks were a "broadly accurate" reflection of the post-race meeting.

If somebody says something, and then its confirmed by a third party, in this case the Mercedes F1 Team, I do consider it a fact.
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