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Brogan - Not quite, sorry. The driver to finish higher in the comparison is listed in the third column.

However, only twice in eleven attempts was Heidfeld beaten by the team-mate he started the first race alongside - by Frentzen in 2003 and by Kubica in 2008.
I don't think he would have beaten Kimi if he had more experience coming into f1.
But that's all speculation.


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Think that was Sauber's best season, where both drivers got the most out of the car, when they didn't retire, finishing 4th in the constructors.

Their best ever result, if you exclude the BMW involvement.


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He was not happy at Sato bulking him up on the last lap I remember in China and allowed Button to sneak past whilst he crashed and lost a wing

He went to Yamamoto who he reduced to tears until realising it was the wrong guy


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I'd cry if Heidfeld was angry with me.

I've seen a video on youtube entitled "Heidfeld gets gayed out by Sato". Heidfeld was being held up by Sato with Button catching up from behind, then when Button goes to make the move, Sato moves across in front of Heidfeld, basically forcing him to slow to a near hault, then some dickhead smashes Nick from behind.

Now I can't stop laughing at the image of Sakon weeping in his helmet. He must be a sensitive soul, and faced with such furious and palpable testosterone fueled masculinity it's no wonder he was shaken to his honourable core. Heidfeld's just such a man. A man with a beard.


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Pretty cool world record setting video from 1999:

Nick on his slow wranking

and here's an incredibly homoerotic Nick tribute which, I'm ashamed to say, isn't made by me...
I agree with the sentiment though

There are a surprising number of these.


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In my business we rank our customers, i take great pleasure in encouraging my European colleagues to discuss such during meetings. I kill myself laughing, my boss doesn't approve.
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