Nick Fry

Nicholas Richard Fry is the CEO of Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team. He was MD of BAR Honda, coming from Dave Richards ProDrive operation, from 2002 and continued in that role when Honda bought the team out in 2006. When Honda withdrew from F1 in 2008, having won only a single race, Fry continued in a senior management role at the newly born Brawn GP and then became CEO when Mercedes bought Brawn at the end of 2009, having won both the Drivers and Constructors Championship.

To read this in Nick Fry speak please add a comma and and an "Ah" after every 3rd word.

Nick Fry is one of F1's great survivors. Every time the Brackley team are sold there are rumours about his position but he keeps hanging in there. No idea how, but there you go.
I think that Nick Fry is one of those people who has a strong skill set, in some areas, not in others. Similar in that respect to Sam Michael.

I am sure that Nick Fry is very good at being a CEO, brokering deals, dealing with sponsors, and the board room, he was not so hot on the technical side, and that was his weakness. How instrumental was he in the various deals which were done? BAR to Honda, Honda to Brawn to Mercedes? The fact that he is still there indicates that he must be good at something, even if it is only raw stubborness!!
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