Myth Debunkers - Number One


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Here's the first of of a series not-entirely serious threads entirely devoted myth de-bunking which hopefully catch on.

There's something that I always found slightly puzzling. Alonso's eyebrows have somehow throughout the years become the stuff of legend.

I'm not quite sure how or why that ever got started?... While they are slightlier bushier than average, they are nothing out of the ordinary, and they have been plenty in motor sport with bushier eyebrows than his.

And no, he never had just the just the one. He's very clearly has two clearly-defined eyebrows.

Here he is, doing a Vettel:


Every now and then comes alonga bandwagon that everybody unquestionably starts jumping on but this one went viral and thus more puzzling... so I'm asking here, where didthe myth of the Alonso Eyebrows ever start?
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In any case they certainly pale into insignificance compared to Nigel Mansell's.

Here he is, pictured yesterday evening sporting his three eyebrows all at once:

Alonso's eyebrows are the reason he is such a fantastic car development genius.

This is a total myth his car development skills are no better and no worse than any other driver...
Myth If I went out on the piss with Alonso he would be missing one eyebrow in the morning..

No this is in fact true, he would also have his genitalia shaved clean and a traffic cone up his arse.


Just for a laugh like..
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