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I am really sad to hear this. And I'm not someone who gets too emotional when something happens to people I don't even know. But I really hope Murray will recover from this. My thoughts are with him.
Get well Murray!!


I was just thinking... it was a blessing that Murray did fall and break his hip, otherwise they wouldn't have detected the cancer as soon as they did. Get well soon!!

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although the current titles are good. them titles. the starting grid & Murray's introduction you knew something exciting was going to happen

(i also skirt past the issue. when i saw Murray Walker i feared the worst :))


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I wrote a letter of complaint to ITV when they took over F1 coverage and then signed up Muddly as the commentator. It wasn't helped by having Jim Rosethal, Tony Jardine and Simon Taylor in the studio. I got a very nice letter back explaining that they had asked F1 fans who they would like as commentator and Muddly came it top. They didn't ask me!

I watched Eurosport instead.


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isnt that sacrilege, how can you not like murray walker :o

but i remember a great story about murray walker & ITV. where the contract was announced i think in Japan. they were asking him what he was going to do now after his BBC contract was going to expire after that weekend. he said " who is going to want to hire at guy over 70, they'll go for youth" all the while having the ITV contract secretly signed & sealed
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isnt that sacrilege, how can you not like murray walker

People didn't laugh with Murray when he commentated, they laughed at Murray when he commentated.

I, like FB, switched to Eurosport until they lost the rights.

I think James Hunt sums it up nicely here:

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