Murray Walker

From what they're saying about the cancer coming to light only because of tests carried out after a broken pelvis it sounds as though it the broken pelvis was actually a blessing in disguise. They might have not have caught it so early on otherwise.
Early detection is so crucial that hopefully it's not unreasonable to expect and wish a rapid (insofar as cancer recoveries can be) and fullest possible recovery.
Best wishes for him and I can safely assume they will be echoed by everyone on here.
Bless him, I hope he reads Clip The Apex. If there's a way to get him a message to him from the forum in general can you please do so Brogan?
I met Murray once at an event for the end of the championship that my friends dad was racing in at the time, he did an after dinner speech, and he was hilarious, and he stayed far longer than would be reasonably expected, mingling and talking to everyone, oozing enthusiasm, he had a real passion for the sport which really shone through, more so than on the telly. I hope that he beats the cancer, and I wish him all the best.
I met him at the fans forum a few years ago (2007?) and managed to get a few words with him. He's very approachable and fun to talk to.
Let's hope everything goes well in the treatment and fortunately they've detected it early due to his broken pelvis. What a strange stroke of fortune! Good to see the gods are on his side :) Thankfully and hopefully he'll be around much longer to get his telegram from the Queen.
Very sad to read this today - having been through something similar, I hope Murray sees it off quickly and without complication. His relentlessly optimistic personality should stand him in excellent stead though.

Best of luck Murray!
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