Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane


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For viewers in the UK.

This Sunday at 20:00 on BBC Two, Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane will be airing.

Commentator Murray Walker's dramatic, excitable voice defined a golden era of Formula One and enthralled viewers across the globe. This is an intimate portrait of one the nation's treasures, and the inspiring tale of a man who, at the age of nearly 90, continues to break the mould.

The documentary accompanies the indefatigable Walker as he travels to Australia for the opening F1 of the season, relives his tank commander past and rides classic scramble bikes. The programme also delves deep into the archive to bring back to life some of Murray's most sensational moments in motorsport and beyond.

With contributions from Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and Jenson Button.
Murray was certainly an excitable chap in the broadcast booth. He really could make some of the most ordinary maneuvers seem spectacular. And he could also confuse the hell out of you too! I often watch the old races with a Lap Chart in hand so I don't have to rely on Murray's (often delayed) standings updates. :D
Agreed, love him!
ITV4 aired (not for the first time, a colleague assures me) "Murray Walker's TT memories" this week.
It was a good hour. Catch it if you see it on.
Thanks for the heads up Brogan, should be great viewing.


I think many of us owe Murray a lot of credit, as I for one got a lot better at reading a race for myself whilst he was getting so excited.
I wouldn't have changed him for anyone mind you as his enthusiasm and passion for the sport was infectious.
his enthusiasm and passion for the sport was infectious.

Perfect description. You really can feel the emotions that Murray went through during a broadcast.

PS - I don't blame Murray entirely for some slightly delayed standings updates, it's fair to say the timing/scoring computers weren't nearly as advanced as they are these days.

You're not wrong there, you only need to look back at some of the classic F1 races on the BBC red button to appreciate how quickly things have advanced. It wasn't really that long ago that a comentator would need several stop watches around his neck if he really wanted to know what was going on

Seen that so many times, but always brings a smile to my face :D

What did he commentate on before F1, at the start of the video he's not commentating on F1 but I don't know what racing series it is :s

(On a side note, when Hakkinen goes off in San Marino for me it was amazing as I was a Ferrari/Schumacher fan back then and the roar from the crowd was AB-SO-LUT-LY AMAAAAZING!!!)
That was Rally cross at the beginning.

He's covered it all really Sly, Motorbikes of all descriptions (his first passion), Rally, Touring cars, single seaters.

He was also big in the world of advertising and for those who can remember (are getting on a bit) I believe he came up with the 'Mars a day helps you work rest and play' adverts.
Now that's a man with passion for motorsport :thumbsup:

Rallycross, hm...I have always wondered why that isn't big and doesn't get shown, Rally + Racing, got to be a winner surely! But I guess that's just my opinion.

His views in the F1 Racing magazine are great, he even goes back to the 30s in his comments and comparisons, really is great.

I noticed once that Wikipedia tried to kill this great man off by saying he was dead! Thank god that isn't true
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've always loved Murray Walker. I find it funny and amazing that he started commentating in 1949 (The same year my dad was born!) When he got it wrong it made him even better, especially when he was alongside James Hunt who always used to put him right in such a funny way. If he isn't already, he should be sir Murray Walker :)

Favourite moment. "And here he comes, on to the penultimate last lap but one" err, which lap is that then Murray?
Guys I think there could be the start of Brundelisms. Watch out, I was watching Italian GP 1999
MB: Well they cant say that ours is bigger than yours!
Talking about the Jordan fuel tank of Frentzen.
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