Mugabe for next F1 President


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Hi guys, I was thinking, in an effort to lessen the corruption in F1 that a replacement of Mosley for Robert Mugabe would greatly increase the credibility of the sport.

I'll keep watching for the entertainment value, but as far as the championship goes it is null and void. If Lewis does overcome all the odds and wins this year then all the better for his (as outside the wizard of oz he's about 20 points ahead of Massa at this juncture), but if you just have to look at the statistics to see that the path of least resistance when there is a chance of a penalty, is to augment it in whatever fashion required in order to improve Massa's points standing.

This year Massa, F1 World Champion, next year? Who knows.....WWE title holder???
I'm sure that Mugabe has some input into the Fascist International Alliance!

Anyway, remember this is not the Nazi Party revisited (or Merc would be winning) this is Mussolini's lot, I'm sure!

Although, a message to Max:

Ja, sollten Sie Ihren hohen bezahlte Arbeit. Ich bin mir sicher, dass Ihre Frau würde Ihnen schwer getroffen, wenn Sie würde es nicht genießen, und Sie sollten aus dem britischen Fahrer in die Silber-Auto allein, denn er ist der einzige Fahrer mit dem öffentlichen Profil, um Ihren Sport zu Ihrem letzten fronteir, in den USA !
I really think we should be more sensible about this!

How about Mork, from the planet Orsen - what we need is a NEW Space Cadet
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