Most Entertaining Driver of the Decade

Most Entertaining Driver of the Decade

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With the decade of F1 racing over, I think it is time for some polls to keep us amused over winter. There has already been a "Driver of the Decade" poll in which Brogan created viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1074

So, to follow up, let's see who you think should have the privilege of holding the prestigious CTA "Most Entertaing Driver of the Decade" award.

I will leave the thread open for everyone to contribute any particular driver (make an argument as to why your candidate deserves this accolade) and put these suggestions into a poll at the end of the week. This will remain open for a week so each poll will take place over 2 weeks.

To start us off, let me begin with recently deposed WDC Lewis Hamilton. He took the F1 world by storm with his aggressive driving style and by becoming the most successful rookie in F1. The first black driver endured a rollercoaster first season with Mclaren, which took him on a record run of podiums for a rookie, a tumultuous relationship with Fernando Alonso and a heartbreaking loss of the 2007 championship. A year later he made up for this disappointment to become the youngest ever F1 world champion in a sensational last corner finish. Whilst his aggressive style has seen him pull off some excellent overtake it has also seen him make elementary errors for a champion. However, this limit pushing attitude definitely has made F1 far more exciting!
I'm going to go for a driver who kept me entertained on a comedy level and that would be Takuma Sato.

I remember watching his efforts in Bahrain in 2004 where he drove the wheels of the car in attempting to overtake on a slippery circuit. I also remember fondly the moment in 2007 when his Super Aguri passed Fernando Alonso's Mclaren at the Canadian GP. For entertainment that moment alone should win it hands down. Let's be fair more often than not Taku ended up climbing out of a shattered car after one shunt or another but on his day he did have what it takes to take on the best of them and come away with something (usually their nose cone but hey ho)

In this day an age when high spirited, wheel banging loonies earn nothing more than a "tut tut tut" from the driving god that was Martin Brundle, I think we need a few more "go for it" driver like Taku (Kobyashi is a good start).

(Having said that, it would be great if he could be a "go for it" driver with someone else other than Lotus thanks, I don't think they can afford the repair bill just yet. LOL )
Juan-Pablo Montoya. Never more than a second away from a brilliant race (Hock 03), superb overtake (Brazil 01), bizzare tennis injury, title conceding crash (Istanbul 05) or weird accident (Spain 06). We need more inconsistent loons like JPM in F1!
When I saw the title of the thread, Takuma Sato was the first person I thought of LOL

With regards to racing though, I'm going to be very predictable and agree with Boyle and say Lewis Hamilton.
Since his very first race he has provided some of the best entertainment over the last 3 seasons.

It's the never say die attitude that does it for me.
Like at Monza this year when he was pushing right to the very last lap and into the wall :D
More from the late 90s but did race at the start of this decade.

For me it has to Eddie Irvine, he showed the odd piece of utter brilliance on the track and the odd piece of utter stupidity.

Something you don't see very often nowadays. (Sorry from the last decade - but he was in a Jag '00-'02)

Caused and was involved in a few spectacular crashes.

He was a flamboyant character who wasn't scared to speak his mind and upset quite a few people.

More of a playboy than Flav and Button.

Complete opposite of Kimi's withdrawn character.
Taku was another driver I thought of too but thought it best to let someone else argue on his behalf. There will be a Cult Driver award coming up soon too :thumbsup:
I've looked at the lists of drivers who have raced through the noughties and have to say they are all as dull as ditch water. The climate of corporatism has turned them all into "spokesmen" rather than people and this often comes through in their driving as they are so massively controlled by the team they seem incapable of making a decision for themselves on the track.

So BOOO! To all of them.
I've been oohing & aahing over this and I can't think of anyone! .....Hang on....

OK, I know that he didn't race many races this decade, but my vote would go to Eddie Irvine. Purely based on his race performance of the previous decade, but hey, it's still the same driver! And he earned a punch from Ayrton Senna! :snigger:
Congrats to Lewis Hamilton for winning the much coveted "Most Entertaining Driver of the Decade" Award. As is customary on CTA, he will receive nothing as a reward...
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