Monster radiation burst from Sun


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Did you see the burst??! BBC link to the sun

If you didn’t, don’t worry as you probably wouldn’t anyway! Seriously, the latest sun burst wasn’t aimed at us!

It never ceases to amaze me how amazing our sun is! Such a huge ball of fire..! When I think about it, the sun boggles the mind..! Without the sun, we’d all be "less than we should". When I try to think about the universe without stars, I go all blank…:s

Without stars like our “sun”, there would be no light in the universe. Without light, the universe would be dark!... :blink:

Well yeah! But can you imagine what that would be like? :unsure:
Light-years of darkness!! Hang on. How can you have “light”-years of darkness?! :oops:

And anyway, suppose you’re travelling in a starship across the universe and there are no stars. How the fudge does one see where one’s going?

Anyway, before I confuse my self into marrying our sun (I said sun, not son!!), the sun is just one hell of a huge ball of plasma. Isn't it..? :thinking:

Destined to expire, to run out of hydrogen and then explode... Sounds ace... :victory:
Most of the fings we are made of were formed in a star too. stars are the forge of existence, having through the history of the universe turning Hydrogen into all (well, most) the elements we see today.
I always think of how delicately balanced it is, as a human race, we're engineered for this current temperature range (in England effectively -10 <-> +30). If the Earth was just a bit closer to the Sun, it'd be too hot, if the Earth was a bit further away it would be too cold. Ignoring the fact that if it was like that from the start we would have developed as a species with that temperature, but then we may not have done!
I think MCLS, that this is where the natural laws come in.

If the Earth was not suitable for life, we would not be here to ask the question "How come such conditions were met precisely"?

Also, with the number of starts, planets, and the length of time that the universe has been around for, there are almost certainly several other civilisations who are probably thinking the same thing, indeed, almost every possible condition likely exists somewhere in the universe.
The Metro did a feature on this a while ago, I will have a look to see if I can find it online. The odds of everything being in the right place at the right time to create life is almost infinitesimal, even with the universe being a infinite size (see hitchhiker for details).
Although we do live in a universe where anything which can happen does happen. And while the odds are very small, they cannot be zero, and in a universe whose size is undetermined, I think those odds are quite good!
Life can exist in all sort of extreme environments they just wouldn't look like is all, but then again they would find us very strange to look at as well..

I caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror the other day and I thought, "What planet does that fat bastard come from."
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