Mike "the Bike" Hailwood


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
This is my first post, so I decided to use it to commemorate the tragic passing of Mike Hailwood 29 years ago today.

MIke was one of the all-time great motorcycle racers, and one of the great characters that populated Formula 1 during my favorite era (1965-1980)

If you go to:

you will see that Mike was also one of the bravest drivers to ever grace a Formula 1 grid.

R.I.P Mike.
Harrowing footage and just goes to show the lengths people will go to.

Having just read his Wiki page, it's sad and ironic that he was killed by a normal road traffic accident, caused by a truck driver making an illegal turn.
He stated that he was treated as an outsider in F1 and received more hinderance then help. If he was given a bit more support and welcomed into the F1 fold it would have been interesting to see if his success on 2 wheels would have been replicated on 4.
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