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Isn't this section on Wikipedia slightly sad:

Scotland won 2-1 with a 97th minute winner...

That was almost so funny. Luxembourg won away in Switzerland in 2008 as well...
Didn't Liechtenstein nearly beat Scotland a few years ago?

No. they nearly drew with us smart-alec. :)

When we scored that goal in the 97th minute i was jumping up and down like a lunatic. The repurcussions of not scoring would have been catastrophic.
I remember seeing Alan McAnally shouting and cheering like a lunatic when Scotland scored to win the game on Soccer Saturday.
Bus Stop Chicane - as a Scottish fan discussing microstate football, are you trying to shoot down any mention of the two words "Islands" and "Faroe"?

I've actually got a wee soft spot for the Faroes. I'd quite like them to do well, and fair play they're getting better if you look at qualifying results over the last couple of campaigns.

That's just typical Scotland I'm afraid, we'll play a great game against the big guns and then have a shocker against the minnows.
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