McLaren v Red Bull

Bill Boddy

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McLaren and Red Bull are in an argument about who employs Dan Fallows who allegedly signed for McLaren in January; however the lure of a higher placed job and more money has drawn him back to Red Bull. I presume that Fallows had to give a year's notice if his RBR contract had not run out so it could be that he can be asked to work it out instead of going on the usual "gardening leave".
I see this as a game of chess in which McLaren are maneuvering to try and release Prodromou from the so called gardening leave inflicted on him by RedBull so that he can start working for McLaren immediately it's all political hocus pocus RedBull give McLaren what they want and as if by magic the lawsuit goes away...
Apparently Fallows was happy to join McLaren until he found out Prodromou was also hopping aboard and decided to bail out. Ted reckons Fallows was not keen on working under Prodromou again. Also interesting that Mercedes intitially tried to poach Whitmarsh at the same time of speaking to Paddy Lowe.
What a shame that Ron isn't able to just go out and poach the best designers, drivers, engine suppliers, sponsors etc. anymore. My heart bleeds for him...
McLaren did not poach Newey from Williams Newey left Williams because Frank sacked Damon Hill....
That's not the whole story.

The bigger reason was that Williams would neither make Newey technical director (as that was Patrick Head's job), nor would they offer him any equity in the team. As such, when McLaren made an offer, he took it!

What amuses me is that what is going on now is very similar to when Newey signed to join Jaguar; he had a signed contract with Jaguar, but somehow, he ended up not leaving McLaren, which completely ****ed Rahal at Jaguar!
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