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Where will Massa be next year?

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What revelations? That Whitmarsh thinks that Alonso is one of the best drivers around and would like to have him in the McLaren team but have not spoken to him about it since they think he would turn them down? Or that Raikkonen has temporary back problems?
As in Alonso left Ferrari so Luca recalls Massa but looks like Nando is not interested but I wonder how long Luca will tolerate him at Maranello moaning
Alonso made a statement outside the formal press conferences to say how he loves Ferrari and has no ambitions to go anywhere else. What could be clearer than that? Luca has also been highly critical of the Ferrari car, does that mean he will be off to McLaren?
well Bernie wants Massa to stay in F1 because obviously to still create interest in BRazil which may extend his stay for a bit longer

I have to say Felipe please go with dignity your best days are behind him
I recall one senior team member at Ferrari recently saying that having two experienced drivers in a year of technical changes will be useful. I can imagine Felipe with his experience would also be in demand. I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to land the Lotus seat partly as a result of this. I like Felipe - I think he still has some quality left in him.
Does not look like Massa will go Lotus since Bouillier is suggesting Hulkenberg is worth the gamble

Why has not the author put Mclaren as an option ?
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