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Where will Massa be next year?

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Following the tradition of the now legendary SPECULATIONOMETER lets speculate over the future of Flipper now that his departure from the Scuderia has been made official.

Will he end up at another team or like Mark Webber step into a different series all together?

Have a vote and post your thoughts.
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Is speculationometer even a word? If not, it should be.
I think Felipe will go to Sauber - especially if Hulkenburg goes to Lotus. He's experienced, reasonably quick, has good contacts in Brazil (a key f1 market) and will be a good leader to Sirotkin (the new Russian guy). Plus Felipe and Sauber go way back.
I'm going to say he'll follow in the footsteps of many of his fellow countrymen and move across the pond to the US. I can see a new career being forged in an Indy car and providing he gets the right drive he could do really well.

I think his statement about needing a competative car means that, if he is genuinely serious about that, a team like Sauber would be just too far towards the back of the grid for him. While he would be a useful driver for any team I don't think his heart would be really in it and that he would be better off seeking a new challenge outside of F1.
My guess is that Ferrari will buy him one of these and make him follow Alonso round the paddock as competition for Roscoe.

I chose Sauber for no other reason than because I would like to see him there. Not sure there is another good fit for him elsewhere on the grid right now.
Unless he's prepared to pay the big bucks to crawl around in a Caterham or Marussia I don't see him staying in F1, at least not in a race seat.
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Has Massa got that many sponsors? He has been a part of the Ferrari machine as he is a faithful number two for a while. The backmarkers would want a driver that brought money to the table and I don't think he has the backing. What racing series is there that is based in South America as I think that is where he would go.
Sauber since they are ferrari engines partners

I don't Gutierrez will keep his place seeing Telmex buggered off leaving Sauber dry anyway

To go to Lotus he will either have to take a paycut or bring some serious sponsors
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