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Where will Massa be next year?

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I don't see the Sauber thing. They are not usually a team he take on drivers on the way down in their career.

Anyways Sauber will either keep Hulkenberg or go for Bianchi (who will be pushed in by Ferrari to be ready for when one of their world champions stomps off).


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Oh! Say, can you see!
By the dawn's early light.
A Ferrari Number 2
Trying his hand at Indy.

And the chance he will be
Better than Sato, see
He was Champion in F1
For about 20 seconds

And 2008,
He in the red was great,
Though futile at last,
He was actually fast

I say that Felipe Massa will yet race
In the land of the free
And the home of the brave.

@22 secs for the music, if you want it!

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Harumph. Again.
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I cannot see him in F1 next year, the teams who do not need pay drivers all look set up, or have better options, and the remaining teams would rather have a driver with a bigger cheque book, Sauber included, so he could go the same way as Trulli, just without stopping at the back of the grid for a season on his way out.

A shame in some ways, but it provides us with interest at Ferrari, and opens up another seat near the front of the grid, which can hopefully be filled by talent.


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For me in an ideal world Lotus would not have the money issues and could be able to field two drivers based off of consistency and talent. As much as I have liked RoGro, imagine Lotus with Hulk and Massa. Perhaps they would be more consistent and could fight for 3rd in the constructors with the occasional race win.


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I do like the idea of Bianchi promoted to Sauber but when was the last time Ferrari actually promoted a Sauber driver to their team apart from Massa

Kimi and Fisi had to establish with other teams to get Ferrari drives


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Heinz Harald Frentzen 2003 and Nick Heidfeld 2010 comes to mind
Pedro De La Rosa 2010

Jean Alesi 1998
There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Well done you've found the 3 drivers who do that although you missed Jacques Villeneurve. I still think my point stands. Sauber go for young chargers not old hands.


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I think Peter Sauber has said as much, although didn't Jonny Herbert drive for Sauber as well?


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Yes I did miss out Johnny and JV.

The young chargers is normally down to ties with sponsors or engine deals if I think about it

When they first came in they thought they had Schumacher through a verbal agreement but it was on the basis they were going to be Mercedes

Heidfeld probably due to good relations that Sauber had with Mercedes

Massa was based on the Ferrari engine deal partly

Raikkonen was the only time Peter Sauber went against sponsors and plucked him out of junior racing much to the chagrin of Red Bull who reduced their sponsorship because they suggested Bernoldi should drive

Perez - obviously Telmex was a key factor


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I think as an F1 driver linked with Ferrari he's probably more preying that Alonso walks out of the team like a week before the start of 2014 just as he happens to be hanging around in the factory :)
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