London GP

IMO this is Bernie doing his standard 'dodging and weaving'/smoke and mirrors routine to distract away from his taxation issue.
Remember this.Birmingham had a special act of Parliament for these races

Risen from my sleep just to mention. It took something like 25 years for that Act to happen. The first Idea of a Birmingham street track appeared in the early to mid 60's. getting the Act to pretty much enable racing was The biggest stumbling block.

Its still in place however so if Bernie really wants an exciting, realistic, prospect for a street track, Birmingham has the Laws to do it. There's some nice roads around the outskirts of the city centre which could create some good racing. The original Superprix layout isn't really suitable for f1 and wasn't really in the 80's. (Russell Spence deliberately blocking the track to bring out Red Flags).

And God we could do with the money from the tourism. Things tough ATM as manufacturing is going down the swanny here. Come on Bernie give us your 35million!


Load of codswallop mate. Try it yourself, Two of the roads quite popular with Bobbies great way to lose some money.

Going back in my Cave now before life takes a crowbar to my head again. See you in another 6 months.
If they really are serious about hosting a London GP why not use the olympic park. After all it will just be gathering dust in about 3 months time!

I have had a spare half hour at work and mocked up a quick route. The circuit lengths may be unrealistic as might some of the corners. Also I have no idea where to stick a Start line and pit area but its keeping me busy!

Note where the track comes under itself just north of the Stadium, There's not been a crossover on a GP since Suzuka and I wonder why they haven't added more in the recent circuits. I thought about trying to put the circuit through the stadium as I'm sure there is a large tunnel which they use for the Marathon but not sure where it is and if there is an exit too. I've also uploaded a blank image as some of you have better paint skills than me!

Olympic Circuit1.jpg
Olympic Park.jpg
British Airways amazing advert, graphics of a jet liner going across a bridge and coming to a standstill in the parking area of the Olympic stadium in London:o made me think:thinking: .........Hey that exciting GP idea....... ......what if:cheer:
While there are a hundred reasons why this race will never happen, there is one overriding reason that it might.


If this man is really and truly dead-set on making it happen, I won't be the one to scoff at it. I mean, would anybody really put anything past Ecclestone at this point?
I do think that a street race anywhere outside of the olympic park is a nonsense and can't see that happening. The olympic park however, might just give Bernie what he needs. It will depend on whether or not the roads within the park have been, or will be, designated as public highway in the full sense of the term. If there's enough roadway retained within the area up for sale after the Olympics then it's not impossible. Just nuts!
I would imagine it would be a good venue for the Race of Champions. I know they've held it at Wembley a couple of times.

As Bro has posted, the legal paperwork would be huge for starters. I read a book on the Birmingham Superprix and it took the organisors of that almost 20 years to get it off the ground.

Somehow I don't think Bernie holds too much sway with any of the major parties at the moment. Cash for Smokes anyone?

Here's what's left of the Crystal Palace track. Pretty much just the road around the sports stadium at the bottom of the picture.
It will never happen.There is no way that Parliement would ever give approval .
And the noise alone makes it a non starter.With schools and hospitals in the near vicinity its nothing more than pie in the sky.
Not even worthy of even discussing it.
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