London GP


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The first I heard of proposal was this morning, but Santander have mocked up a video of a possible track.

EDIT: Bit more detail on and a map of the track.
The Arch looks terrifying.
Sceptic reply:
I'm not sure they'd ever get permission, F1 cars on the front door of Buckingham Palace and the Ritz? Surely someone would protest about it.... And shutting off roads and probably access to some of the biggest tourist sites for the best of 8 days? Sounds like a logistical nightmare! Is it just a marketing/PR exercise by Santander/Bernie? Also, it better provide overtaking, more like Australia/Canada than Monaco/Valencia!

Optmistic reply:
Another British GP? Yes please! Loving the look of the arch! It would be a spectacular setting for a GP, and going to London for a weekend to watch F1 sounds so good!
It looks fantastic, and it would be fantastic if it happened, but I think it may be a diversion created by Bernie to shift attention from proceedings in Germany.
F1 has gone from racing on tough tracks to racing around glamorous surroundings.

Monaco was enough, Singapore was a bit fresh air. But now New Jersey, and talks about London and Paris, previously Romez
Correct Galahad, every so often this reappears, it will never happen and it is designed to get F1 in the papers and TV news. It works every time.
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