Leveling up!

Is there a breakdown anywhere of how many points are needed for each level and what the possible levels are?
So the lesser mortals will never know where they are in the great scheme of things. I suppose the mystery will keep people coming back!
That was the idea really F1Y.

Once people know what post count they need to level up, it becomes a sort of target.

This way, no-one really knows and it's a nice surprise when it happens :)
It's a good idea to keep it mysterious

Been able to change title by contributing is also good although the fact that you are marked as a contributor spoils it a title

If as a contributor you can choose not to advertise the fact, then I think more would
The upgrade ribbons were added later.
I figured those who did upgrade would like some recognition, over and above the user title.
BTW, these are the current titles:

Test Driver
Pole Sitter
Double Champion
Team Principal

They're not great as I didn't waste too much time on them, so feel free to suggest alternatives.
More can be added if required - I'll just adjust the values accordingly.
Just a suggestion, but maybe we could rank it on F1 drivers, like start with something like Ide at the bottom and Senna at the top?
Not a good idea IMO.
Just trying to agree on a top 10-15 would be impossible.
It would also just be confusing if someone had a user name of e.g. Nigel Mansell and a title of Damon Hill.
How about this idea - "Lap Times" ?

1 minute 58 seconds

1 minute 52 seconds

1 minute 49 seconds

1 minute 43 seconds

1 minute 39 seconds

1 minute 37 seconds

1 minute 31 seconds

1 minute 26 seconds

1 minute 22 seconds

1 minute 19 seconds

1 minute 15 seconds

1 minute 08 seconds

1 minute 06 seconds

1 minute 03 seconds

57 seconds

One thing I have noticed is as a premium member I don't know what title I would normally have. I think it is either racer or pole sitter but not sure.

Also retired seems to indicate you are no longer an active member. I think Legend would be a better title.
You need to purchase an upgrade sly, something I need to get round to go eventually really....
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