Caption Competition Lauda/Hamilton 271112


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Thanks Viscount:

NL: Lewis messed up by joining Mercedes. That's it. He's an idiot.
AH: (says nothing but thinks): Damn right. Wouldn't have happened with me in charge.
NL:" I Was a World Champion, I WAS, I WAS!!!"
AH: Thinks - "****ing hell Grandad, no-one gives a gives a shit."
NL: "Don't look now but Martin Whitmarsh is coming over and he think he's crying."
AH: "Yup, he really should stop reading the "Personnel" threads on Clip The Apex."
This is an F1 finger! Spirit levels have been calibrated using this finger! Show me your finger! Go on, I dare you!
You won’t though, will you! … Pah!
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