Kubica set to leave hospital.


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I'm not really sure we're qualified to judge what state the arm is in, in fact I'm not sure even a doctor could tell the condition of the arm from these pictures. The scarring etc. is terrible but everything is in the right place so it's just a matter of how well the damage has healed/been repaired internally.

In the article that GreenLantern posted above it says that he is starting a full rehabilitation program in August and he underwent some final surgery on his arm yesterday. The Brazillian grand prix is at the end of November so that gives him around three months.

I don't expect him to be racing in Brazil either but a lot can happen in three months and I definitely think that calls saying he won't race in F1 again are premature. Renault and the doctors aren't sure, but make promising noises about his recovery, so how can we judge?


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after looking at the picture of Kubica's arm, I have to conclude that his F1 driving days may be over

Puzzled as to what exactly in the pictures leads to this conclusion that wouldn't have been supposed from hearing he had a partially severred arm (I think that was the term being banded about), the numerous operations he required.

Fine function was always going to be the big question, and these picture confirm nor refute anything, other than 1. he's got some scars from operations, 2. he's got a lot of swelling - inevitable after so much surgery, 3. he's got a splint on.

What's very surprising is his management team's ill-informed targeting of return dates; Renault's approach seems much more sensible, to optimise his rehab and see how it goes.
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