Kobayashi, Di Resta, Buemi, Hulkenberg, Perez, Ricciardo and the Next Generation.

How are we rating the current crop of young drivers in Formula One?

Has Kobayashi got what it takes to take a big seat?

Is Di Resta good enough for a Mercedes works ride should Schumacher retire?

What about Buemi? Can he make the jump to Red Bull if Webber retires? Or will Ricciardo be the next Aussie hope?

Some say Perez will replace Massa at Ferrari in the next year or two...and Hulkenberg will replace Sutil even sooner.

Is there another out there that catches your eye?

Petrov: Can the Russian out-perform Heidfeld over the season?

With Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg and, possibly, Kubica (if he can make a successful return) on the grid, the future of Grand Prix racing looks very bright.

Then there's the old guard:

Schumacher, Barrichello and Trulli. Should they make way sooner than later? Or do they still have good stuff to offer?

What are your thoughts?
Funny how di Resta is mentioned in this young crop and yet Hamilton is only a year older than him, and Vettel is only 23 years old (I think).

I suppose it's probably because the two young World Champions are already established and are known quantities who have been on the grid since 2007.

The 'young crop', I imagine, is a reference to rookie and 2nd year drivers mostly.

Sure, Koba-san is in his third 'season'...but he's really still less than a year-and-a-half into his F1 carrer in terms of experience.
I think Perez has been impressive. Kobiyashi and Petrov have had moments of brilliance followed by disappointing races. Buemi and Algesuari decent enough drivers without being special. Sutil very disappointing while I don't think Di Riesta is ready to be judged. Maldonado has done well of late.
Looks like Kobayshi keeps raising his profile!

10 points for Sauber after a nerve-wracking period in Q3.

Shame about his teammate Perez, though.

I didn't have Maldonado listed in the thread title, but boy did he impress at a circuit he knows and loves. Wonder if he can maintain the momentum.

In my OP I mentioned Ricciardo is in line to replace Alguersauri...and the Spaniard's Monaco GP weekend won't have helped him at all!

Lastly, Petrov was going well in relation to Heidfeld again...until that unavoidable crash sent him to the Hospital.

I wonder if i'll get to see Senna at Montreal, as a result. (Assuming Petrov needs recovery time w his back.)

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