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Yup, I meant the covers and chrome surrounds. Although I'm not sure now as I don't recall those little lugs for the mounting screws.

This Jag's covers are different:



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Speaking of kit cars, I have just seen some pictures of what I assume to be a kit car: the Perana AC 378 GT. It is very interesting looking but I have been surprisingly unsuccessful in obtaining details of it. With the AC prefix, I assume it is made in England, or perhaps South Africa, where the Cobra Daytona coupe kit cars were made.

Any information that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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I want black, as I like black cars, the wife fancies yellow or red (traditional Ferrari colours). We might compromise on black with yellow stripes.


There is a very strange thing about black cars and that is unless you clean them every day they always look dirty, somehow the dirt just shows up more on black than any other colour.


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I agree they show the dirt, but they look great when clean - mind you, I would say that as we have three black cars, although the other half would point out that hers is Astral Grey or some such nupmty name.

You definitely need a trip to the dvla website when your done and get an old cherished plate just to confuse ordinary mortals :)

By the way, nice car Pat, dead jealous, yet another reason to regret having to give up getting a garage in the new house :(
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