Jos Verstappen charged with attempted murder


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Bloody Nora, would never of thought that Jos Vestappen was a nutter.

Hopefully he'll get a sentencing for the attempted of killing his ex. Really hope she's ok, and goes on to find a man worthy of her!
He'll probably get sentenced to jail, mainly because of his other incidents in the past. Most current news on this is that he will likely be held in custody for more than 2 weeks as there is enough evidence that he did in fact hit her.

Full story is that she tried to get out at a stoplight after an argument in his van (they had already broken up due to earlier minor incidents, but she wanted to talk and he drove her home, what a gentleman) but he then sped up so she fell on the street, and he drove into her shortly after that.

I'll try to post updates on the case in this thread for anyone interested.
Nothing really new, he's still in custody and he has a second lawyer now. Oh, and there are 3 more offenses he is suspected of, but it's still unknown what those are. They're still building a case.
Update: he'll get out of custody tomorrow. The charges against him for attempted murder (the driving into his ex) have been dropped. He's still suspected of earlier abuse and destruction but the details of this are still unknown to the public.
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