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On one of my journeys around the "Wacky-World-of-Wizardry", I came across this article on the BBC site, about the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

Joint Strike Fighter: Jet that's a 'spy in the sky'

I know it's a smidgen over budget, it's going past it's delivery date and there are questions on whether Britain needs it, but we still gotta have it!! It's so cool. The vertical landing or, in Britain's required version, short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) capability means that we'd have a replacement for the retiring Harrier.
(Thinks back with nostalgia, to the Rolls Royce and BAC open day at Filton airport in the early Eighties, when I witnessed close hand the vertical landing of a Harrier. The ground is still shaking under me even now! )

And, if you watch the first video on the BBC page, the heads-up-display and camera view the pilot has is ace! He can look around, as if the plane wasn't there. 8-)

It has stealth capabilities and can focus in on small things from miles away... (I'm sure there's a joke to be had there somewhere... :confused: )

Aparantly, it's a lot easier to land than a Harrier, too! :dontmentionit:

As some-one who had family in the aero construction industry, I can also appreciate the benefit this project would bring to British companies involved and the added job security this would bring.

So, any defence review people reading this - go on, agree to buy! The RAF, Navy and many British companies would appreciate it.
I hear what you're saying McZ however due to the number of cutbacks over the last 20 years we are still waiting for our last batch of fighter escorts to enter service. Here it is on initial trials in 1989.

Ooh, yes please, there's always something to be said for being at the leading edge of technology, even if strictly speaking we don't need it for military uses. The people who develop things like this now may well be applying similar ideas to civilian projects later in their career, and as you mention it can only be good for British industry (at a time when there isn't a great deal of that left). We may not need this specific bit of military kit (indeed, ideally we'd never need to use any military hardware in anger) but the benefits of it's development and construction will turn up spread all over society.

Plus, if they're mothballing the Harrier we'll need something equally impressive to scream down the river Dart during Regatta.
I agree. Buy them damn planes!!!

Also reading the article, UK - 4% of the costs, but standing to gain 15% of the manufacture contracts. Come on government, you know it makes sense!!
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