Pre-Season JEREZ TEST 10th-14th Feb 2011


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Beards are suicide in F1. Has there ever been a successful bearded F1 driver ever? I think not!

I think you may be correct, best I could think of is the tasche and sideburns combo. That and looking like Dick Dastardly.



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Dry sack! How many times have I heard that this week?!!

Paul di Resta is in the gravel at turn 6 - Dry Sack.

And irony of ironies it is now raining quite hard... :(

This could be the end of the show.


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Times at end of day four:

 .	Driver		Team 		Best Lap 	Last lap 	Diff 	Laps
1 R. Barrichello Williams 1:19.832 1:43.391 103
2 K. Kobayashi Sauber 1:20.601 1:26.982 +0.769 86
3 F. Alonso Ferrari 1:21.074 1:36.964 +1.242 115
4 S. Buemi Toro Rosso 1:21.213 1:45.767 +1.381 90
5 B. Senna Renault 1:21.400 1:23.171 +1.568 68
6 H. Kovalainen Lotus 1:21.632 1:21.632 +1.8 43
7 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:22.103 1:43.058 +2.271 45
8 S. Vettel Red Bull 1:22.222 1:23.117 +2.39 90
9 J. Button McLaren 1:22.278 1:29.743 +2.446 70
10 J. D'Ambrosio Virgin 1:22.985 1:28.240 +3.153 45
11 P. di Resta Force India 1:23.111 1:25.032 +3.279 99


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This was di Resta's latest issue
Force India said:
Problem for Paul was suspected front suspension failure. Total mileage more than 1,000km - good debut and got a strong direction for Barca

Thanks again for the updates Snowy :)

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It's all a huge guessing game at this stage as to who is sandbagging and who has shown real pace. Witness Sauber last season, who looked to be very competitive and then disappeared almost without trace. Then of course you can compare that with Brawn, who everybody thought were doing runs on fumes, only to be stunned by their genuine pace when the season started.


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The fact that the RBR's and Mclaren's are so close in times (between their respective drivers) suggests perhaps there is some rev limiting going on?
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