Pre-Season Jerez Test 10-13Feb

Thank you, Brogan and Snowy, for the warm welcome. I feel all warm and cuddly already. I'll have a go at the fantasy game later in the week (thanks for the heads up, Brogan). Looks like there's a great deal of consensus going on there! Looking forward to Wednesday so happy times until then.
Hi Fenderman, welcome.

Brogan said:
Just a heads up, but in addition to the usual F1 Fantasy League which hasn't kicked off yet...

On the subject of the Fantasy League (version 2.0), it's all primed and ready to go, just waiting until I have a clearer idea of who will actually be on the grid; drivers and, er, possibly teams as well... ;)

Not much longer to wait, anyhow.
McLaren Website:

Feb 17-20 - Jerez

17th February - Lewis

18th February - Lewis

19th February - Jenson

20th February - Jenson


McLaren has scheduled Jenson Button to drive on Wednesday and Thursday, with Lewis Hamilton taking over for the final two days. Mercedes will alternate its two drivers, with Michael Schumacher beginning work on Wednesday.

With Rain forecast are McLaren already giving Jenson the short straw or what?
Looking at the weather forcast on the normally totally unreliable BBC they have it as:

17th - Heavy Rain Showers
18th - Heavy Rain
19th - Heavy Rain
20th - Heavy Rain Showers

So is would seem that both drivers are getting equal weather treatment from upstairs and there isn't going to much in the way of useful testing done on any of the 4 days. Not too bad for those that have had a couple of dry run testing days but murder if you are behind the wheel of a Virgin or a Lotus.

Wonder why they don't test at a middle eastern track where the weather is likely to be a bit better? Perhaps the last test could take place in somewhere like say, Bahrain for example. Oooh and by happy coincidence that's where the first race of the season is taking place so the teams could leave a lot of there kit there after the testing session to cut down on transport costs.

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