Jailbird F1 drivers.


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FB - Apparently Chapman invented a car that could travel through time, which explains how half-shaved miserable Dickensian landlord Nigel Mansell came to drive for the team.
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Regarding the Irvine incident:

Whatever personal opinions one may have about Eddie, I think it should be pointed out for impartiality's sake that itwasn't a one-way thing.
BOTH men involved in the brawl were convicted, and both are accusing each other of having committed the offence in question.

Just thought I'd clear that up.

Although tbh I'm not quite sure what it says about the italian justice system when both parties can be convicted of an offence that only one (it's still isn't clear as to whom) is alleged to have committed?...LOL
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Didn't Schumacher run into a car dealer in Kent in 2008 knocking him down? but no action was taken I'm willing to bet if it were me who knocked over a pedestrian injuries or not I would have been done for driving without due care and attention or at least investigated for it...
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