It's official - Honda are now Brawn GP


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The former Honda Formula One team has been saved and will contest the 2009 season as Brawn GP.
The Honda Motor Company Limited and ex-Honda boss Ross Brawn, 54, have reached agreement to preserve the team.

Britain's Jenson Button and Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello, last year's Honda line-up, will continue to drive for the British-based team.
Brawn GP will use Mercedes engines when the new F1 season starts in Australia on 29 March.

More here: Honda team to return as Brawn GP

From the horses mouth so to speak....

So good news all round.
I can't wait to see what the new car will look like.

What will the official constructor be? Brawn-Mercedes or Honda-Mercedes?

The press release is attached.


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It's great news that they have got it all together at Ex-honda and managed to make the grid. More cars equals better racing in my opinion. It would seem that the current round of cost cutting must be having a positive effect on F1 becuase, all though I expect RB was paid well for his time in F1 I don't think he would have enough money to contemplate taking on this level of comittment without serious thought.

I am especially pleased for Rubens because it was no way for him to end his time in F1.

The Yellow/Black/White colour scheme looks, ahem, interesting shall we say, and a bit like the Minardi and Renault colours of the early 80s

From a nostalgic point of view I wish RB would rename the team Tyrell becuase that is the legacy from which they originate and because I think it would make the team easier to market but I wish them all the luck in the world. That makes two British independant F1 teams on the grid and they both deserve support.

:goodday: C_A_T
Here's the first image of the car with Jenson Button doing a shakedown at Silverstone.

I really like the design (from what I can see of it) and the livery.
They look to have Bridgestone as a sponsor too.


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Yep, I agree with all the above comments. Great news!

It seems that Jenson has taken a 50% pay cut to stay with the team. Obviously he probably didn't have too much choice, but I still think it's a good move for both him and the team. Consistency is the name of the game, so the ball keeps running/the team hits the ground rolling and Jenson gets a drive this season. Glass of champagne cider all round. :cheers:
McZiderRed said:
It seems that Jenson has taken a 50% pay cut to stay with the team

Considering even 50% means that he's getting more than many do in a lifetime he can't be complaining too much. Not that I begrudge him the money, but he was probably a little surprised that there wasn't a queue at the door to pick him up.
I don't think Bridgestone have supported Brawn GP rather than F1, I think all the teams have to stick that on, and Honda did on the Earth Car (left you wanting to sing Micheal Jackson: "What've we done to the car? Look what we've done...").

It'll be interesting to see what Brawn GP will do in terms of sponsorship - although I think they should go all Welsh rugby team and get themselves sponsored by Brains! (Geddit?)

Anyways, they've got a team boss who worked with the most successful F1 team/driver combo ever, so it should be all good, although I can see that development could have been hindered somewhat!

Either way, good luck boys; after the last two years they are due some...
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While we haven't seen any testing times for Brawn GP yet, this could still prove to be quite a good season for them. The reason I say this is because with all the trauma of just getting the cars to the grid I reckon they would be playing the percentages game of just producing a realiable, effective car. I don't think they would have had the time or the money to try to do anything else. This could mean that there arn't as many design risks on this car which could in turn seem them pick up points when other teams don't make the flag. A season like that plus some gradual development should stabalise the team nicely and with luck should set them up for next season and beyond. It wouldn't suprise me if BGP are regulars in the lower points regions.
watching the disney series very good series & impressive load of guests, di montezemlo, Horner, Webber, Brawn, Bernie, Brundle, Button, Barrichello, Massa, Norbert Haug & Nick Fry

the 1st episode there wasnt much surprises. i knew alot of the stories over the winter, but 2nd episode was fasinating.
  • i wasnt aware Barrichello only had a contract for the 1st 4 races, but i dont why he was worried as it was never realistic that he was going to be replaced. espically if they'd turned bruno senna down for him in the 1st place.
  • how Sombre the celebrations were in melbourne. because on the face of it, there appeared happy. but they all knew what was hanging over them that half of those flying back that they would be made redundant when they got back home
  • the fuel guy who left after honda pulled out & became a plumber, after the disaster of Melbourne was brought back for Saturday & sunday
  • the main 1 that Button was sat in the car in Malaysia knowing that they wouldnt be able to restart & were relying on the 1st red flagged race before its conclusion since adelaide 1991, because someone hadnt sealed the steering wheel correctly & alot of water had got in.
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