Is it possible to have too many races?

No Speshal I'm not.

As far as mechanic and driver fatigue goes, I believe the testing ban has decreased their workload dramatically. Prior to 2008 these guys were at the track a lot more often than they are now. They also have mandatory paddock curfew's now as well that allow these guys to stay fresh. I always hear veterans of the F1 circus say "Oh we did this whole thing with no more than 9 guys back in the day" and Brundle often says how stupid it looks now that they would strip and rebuild their engines several times a weekend.

But my posts were meant from the fans perspective in a fantasy world anyway. Would I watch more F1? Hell yes. Do I think they have to add more races. No I don't.
Of course I'd love a race every weekend of the year but every season must end at some point - 23 races plus the mid season break and off season pretty much equals that.
We know the team work long hours during a race weekend; what motivates you to keep pushing through the late nights?
The hours can be pretty long. Things really kick off first thing on a Thursday, and from there we’re usually in the garage around 20 hours a day for the rest of the weekend. We have a great bunch of lads which helps a lot, and you can actually see the physical result of what you’re doing progressing over time which is a big motivation. When you’ve spent hours building the car up, watching it head out of the garage and round the circuit is very satisfying. Of course results help too; when you see the car perform well, it gives you an even bigger boost. Suddenly you don’t notice being tired anymore!
What do you back at Enstone?

To be honest the race team don’t spend much time back at the factory. We attend every race and every test, so we spend most of the season out of the country. When we are at Enstone, it’s mostly turning the
How would modern legislation be interpreted regarding significant increases in workload related to the number of races? (Working time directive etc) with the series getting ever more complicated, and the RRA limiting the number of staff that teams can bring to a race (to save money) regardless of how things were done in the past, I think there would be some resistance to going further than 20 - 23 races.

That said, I would personally rather the odd gaps were a bit more even, and other than the summer break, It would be good not to have any 3 week gaps. I do think that an element of anticipation, and the need to avoid overkill leads me to believe that too many races would be a bad thing.
Broadly speaking these are the EU directives on working time.Travelling time is part of the working week.
Other regulations are in force but it is difficult to summarise them in a simple manner.
Organisation of working time
Working time * is the period during which the worker is working, at the employer's disposal and carrying out his activity or duties, in accordance with national laws and/or practice.
Member States take the measures necessary to ensure that every worker is entitled to:
  • a minimum daily rest period * of 11 consecutive hours per 24-hour period;
  • a rest break, where the working day is longer than six hours;
  • a minimum uninterrupted rest period of 24 hours for each seven-day period, which is added to the 11 hours' daily rest;
  • maximum weekly working time of 48 hours, including overtime;
Sensible Fenderman: "The short answer to the OP is "Yes". As marvellous as F1 is, there is an enormous variety of other stuff going on in the world and I for one want to enjoy some of that as well. Not only that, one should leave some space for one's responsibilities not just one's pleasures."

Real Fenderman adds: "Of course, if I could watch F1 every day of the week, I would"
We could really have done with a race yesterday. It was horrible and rainy and I had to watch Chelsea and Spurs win instead :sick:

Even my wife asked if there was a race on :shocked:
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