Is it possible to have too many races?

Look at NASCAR. 30+ races per season and it is getting boring (so I'm told). I think 20 races is about right at the moment, although there is a stupid 5 week break in the summer (we don't need it that long). The maximum number of races, in my opinion, that can be added to the calendar is two more, giving 22 races, so it would not stretch the teams to uber-breaking point. Also, any more races than 22 would dilute the appeal of the championship in my opinion.
We as an audience may not need a 5 week break but I think the teams think otherwise....

I think we're at exactly the right number of races to be honest. I'd like more but I agree with mjo that the maximum that could be added is two. It would be a drag (and a real load on the teams) if it were any more.
The season should never end, there should be 26 races with a one weekend break between each race, each team should be allowed 3 cars at each event, from which they will be allowed to qualify 2, each driver should only be allowed to drive in 20 events per season, there should be a complete set of team crew in each of the 3 following regions: asia/aus, europe, america so they can all have a rest for 2/3 of the year, this does not apply to Christian Horner because I think he's a knob.
The final event should be the weekend before Xmas with a "Festive Free for All" with all 3 cars from each team forced to compete over 100 laps at Pembrey, I should be the official starter and chequered flag waver, I should be given free admission and as much Felinfoel Double Dragon as I can drink (a lot). All Clip the Apex members will be given free admission, a pork pie and a bag of scratchings.
I have noticed that the F1 calender is pretty much formed around the Moto GP and world superbike calender i.e they don't clash on race weekends for commercial and TV viewing purposes in other words they don't compete for air time so once the various seasons are under way there is usually some racing to watch, so the withdrawal symptoms shouldn't be too bad.
Yes but the thing is if bernie wants more races he will come under fire from the other sports commercial rights holders and to be honest 20 races is more than enough...
I don't think Bernie gives a damn what other racing series think - he'll make them sort their scheduling. And I agree that 20 races is the ideal amount of races.
There are more races at the moment imo. Having talked to one of my friends who is interested in F1 but not a diehard fan he thinks that no more than one every three weeks is enough. He has other things to do on Sundays, he actually likes the early morning races because he can watch the race, then have his brunch leaving him lots of time to do other things. In fact he is going to watch less this year than in the past, he says getting $ky just for F1 is too expensive and the BBC coverage is simply too late in the afternoon for him to watch highlights.
I agree with him about the morning races. I'm much more likely to watch them live than I am the afternoon one's. The 1 starters I usually ended up recording or whatnot and watching late Sunday night after the other half has gone to bed.
Raspy.Thats pretty much the same as I do.I don't watch practice sessions as I don't have the time.Qualifying if I can but usually I end up watching the recording.
I follow progress by live timing and the Autosport commentary on my Iphone.
Lack of time.Sounds strange as I am retired
sportsman enjoy that retirement matey. Watching them late Sunday night and working the next day doesn't bode well - I nearly took a sick day after Canada last year as I watched the quali before and the whole thing! I was up until about 4am! The things we do for F1 eh?
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