Initial Praise VIII

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After what seems like a long break, initial praise is back with its 8th incarnation.

The article comes to us via the ITV F1 site.

So what do you think this could stand for?



For those of you who've never played this game before, all you have to do is post your alternative to the headline in the article however you must use the same initials.

Good luck.

C_A_T :goodday:
Unless anyone from the audience objects, I think you can have that one. You have after all, used the initials A, S and S and the D so I think it should stand.
Not really in the spirit of the game that. He's only used one initial.

However, it does comply with the technical regulations, and if you were punished you'd come out in the same position anyway.
Well it's been 6 days since our last post in this thread so time for the poll. Pick a winner.

Good luck all. :goodday:
The voting is running neck and neck so far.

Will it change over the weekend or will we have to go for a vote off.

Exciting isn't it. :D
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