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Browsing around formula1.com I stumbled into an interesting little article. Formula1.com asked folks in the F1 paddock and F1 followers to vote for their dream team over the summer break. They had to select two drivers, a team boss, and a car.

F1 Dream Team

The ultimate dream team, based on numbers from both the paddock and followers is:
Driver 1: Ayrton Senna
Driver 2: Michael Schumacher
Team boss: Ross Brawn
Car: McLaren MP4/4

That would be quite indomitable, but likely overbearing in personality!

Among the paddock picks, two dream teams stand out as especially interesting to me.

Romain Grosjean would assemble a rather haunting team of Ayrton Senna and Jules Bianchi driving the FW14B for Frank Williams. What a poignant and emotional team!

Nico Hulkenberg wants a team with personality, pairing Ayrton Senna with James Hunt behind the wheel of the Benetton B195 under the guidance of Eddie Jordan. There's definitely one thing to be said about that dream team: it'd never be boring!

So guys, what do you think? Do any of you have a dream team?
Formula1com asked to vote for their #F1DreamTeam - two drivers, one team boss and one car.

It is result choice Formula1 followers:

And it is the Top five #F1DreamTeam choices:
DRIVERS - Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Jim Clark
TEAM BOSS - Ross Brawn, Sir Frank Williams, Ron Dennis, Flavio Briatore, Colin Chapman
CAR - McLaren MP4/4, Williams FW14B, Lotus 79, Ferrari F2004, Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid

There's always someone who gets a little self indulgent, isn't there Damon?

If Bernie Ecclestone can't think of a better team boss than Flavio "Black Flag" Briatore, then he's far more deluded than I could ever have believed.
Jacques Villeneuve chose Michael Schumacher!?!? I assume this is post Schumacher's accident then. Villeneuve has been nothing but vile about Schumacher since 1997 so to suddenly pick him now is a little bit hypocritical
It's also possible he's mellowing a bit as he gets older. Those grudges from when you were young can lose their importance as you get older, I know mine have - it would take something truly terrible for someone to stay on my grudge list for 20 years!
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