If you thought being hit by a spring was bad...


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These comments are from the guy on the bike...

It was the first race of the SBKs (Swiss Championship and German "second league" - the Championship that comes after IDM. The crashing rider was o.k. He plans to ride IDM this weekend in Hockenheim. Me, I had only a punkture from crunched parts flying around on the right! shoulder (finished second the restart and won next days race). The guy who has to pass the bike left side behind me broke his little toe showing the bones - no crash. And a "normal" crash behind.
I actually ducked! Scary moment, he was really lucky. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if he was hit...
I'm getting the image of when Vivian puts his head out of the window of a moving train in the Young Ones!
he was very lucky, hope he was wearing his brown pants that day! :)
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