I can win in France- Hamilton

Sure Hamilton can win the French Grand Prix... (he'll require about 10 retirements to do it, and maybe a late Safety Car too)

If it is a wet or chaotic race you can't write him off, but you just feel that he'll suffer from Raikkonen mid-2005 syndrome in the race (although not with an engine blow-up, with a grid penalty instead).

Problem is France is not generally a wet or chaotic race (1999 excepted) meaning that Hamilton might have to come through the field in the dry (Alonso made up about 3 places all race from a similar position last year). Plus he's compromised on either fuel or position... (he'll be 13th and light or 18th and heavy).

Hamilton has to talk with confidence to the press, he has to tow the team line ie. anything is possible. However, if all goes to plan safety car wise, McLaren will be at a severe disadvantage and its up to Heikki [hide:35erd7v8]I can't spell his surname, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be too overfamiliar[/hide:35erd7v8] and Kubica to stop the Ferrari one-two.

Judging by the last two races, Ferrari could well have a self-destruct pit strategy designed to do the same thing!
He has to believe that he can do it - if not, he shouldn't be racing. However, he's got his work cut out, IMO
Well has long he doesnt find any red lights along the way he could :snigger:

Seriuosly though a win is a little optimistc, a poduim isnt out the question, but there arnt many worse tracks to have a 10 place penalty than Many Cour, its a little tricky to overtake, also a lot depends on Quali too, if for some reson he ends up fifth in it it is going to be worse of hamilton,

Id hazard a guess that he will finish about 5th
to get to the podium he have to get passed at least the BMW's, maybe a ferrari and certainly the honda's. plus don't forget the williams. all these cars have the same intrinsic speed of the mclaren. plus france is notorious for little overtaking. even a safety car or rain will not get these cars out of the way of th kid. plus i really don't want to see a repeat of the mess of last time.

i really hope lewis will put in a performance and show what he can do, but i fear he will get really frustrated at a certain point. and then it might all be over very fast.

and again, he and the team have made it hugely difficult for themselves with all this talk of we can win, we have the best car and stuff. i just do not understand mclarn at the moment.
Why not, it is feasible that he can win still, it will all depend on strategy with some luck thrown in, but it is possible.

I'm not going to predict a result as anything can and will happen, but it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up at the top end of the points.
the biggest enemy of LH is LH himself. and its getting worse fast. you really wish he would have one or two really really good races and then show what he can do. but so far... and it isn't really getting better. but the antics get more and more funny all the time. so the entertainment value is definitely improving.

did anyone see that the mp4-23 is as good as LH and Whitmarsh claim the car is. cos i seem to have missed that.
Personally, I think my prediction for the podium will be Kimi, Kubica and Massa. I think Hamilton will probably walk away with 5th, 4th at a push depending on retirements, but I struggle to see how he can make up 10 places and still win. Possibly at other circuits where overtaking is easier, but not in France. However, the weather forecast is for thunderstorms, so a combination of the wet and the safety car could make for some opportunities.

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