How to Go Faster and Influence People: The Gordon Murray F1 Story

I thought this was excellent, something for anyone with an interest in design, engineering, road or racing cars. Do catch up on iPlayer if you missed it.

I hope he finds a taker for his T25. If only it was better-looking.
Not his prettiest design is it?
The program was fascinating, it made me wonder who the next Gordon Murray/Adrian Newey will be & which team will be bright enough to spot the talent.
I haven't seen this yet but will make the wife watch it tonight instead of Big Brother ;)

Does it address what happened to GM at Mclaren as he just seemed to disappear when they got into road cars. To me, F1 designers seem to have shelf life just like drivers. Adrian Newey appears to be the exception to this although I thought his mojo had gone in his early years at Red Bull (shows how much I know). I also felt that Mclaren, well Ron Dennis really, and Gordon Murray were a potentially explosive combination given what a free reign Murray was given at Brabham. I used to love the pictures of him hanging around in the pits in a Jimmy Hendrix T Shirt whilst all the others were in their corporate outfits.
It only flits around the F1 stuff really, most of the program is concerned with the green city car concept he's into at the moment.
He does some nice explanations of what he did to some fo the F1 cars & it gave me an insight on why Bernie seems to dislke Ron Dennis/McLarens so much.
They have the obligatory 'star' opinions too but at least they're petrolheads/ex drivers.
Definitely worth missing Big Brother for.
Did it include the following pearls of wisdom:

Hire the 2 best drivers (such as the Prost/Senna pairing) and combine them with an engine which is, all at the same time- the most powerful, most reliable and most fuel efficient (such as the Honda).

Accolades are sure to follow.
Preferably this Alfa
I read the review of the T25 and T27 in Autoexpress. I have to say although the magazine gave it rave reviews I think it will struggle to get good sales. It has a few problems.

1. The T27 all electric car has a top speed restricted to 65 mph. This makes motorway driving dangerous, you need to keep up with the flow.
2. The T25 petrol car 0-60 is 16 seconds. That is painfully slow, imagine it on a hill. And it only does 76mpg not much different from a Smart or Blue Motion Polo.
3. Its not pretty, its not ugly but its no looker, people are fickle, most won't by a car unless it looks good.
4. Due to the flip front, if you get in it during heavy rain you have no option but sit on a wet seat.

I think that most eco nuts would put up with these short comings. Not sure if average Joe would though.
Its success will ultimately come down to price I think.
I know it's sad, but I want one - OK, maybe I really just want to try one, but I love the concept of the build.

I think the important thing to remember is that the car itself is a strangely small part of the design efforts. From my memory of the programme there is now a more efficient production cycle materially cutting manufacturing costs, a new approach to small car chassis design, a genuine mass production opportunity for a truly international vehicle (centre driver).

I'm sure there were many other specific developments, but the memory ain't what it was (actually, I don't think it ever was...), but the way I look at the car is that with all the process and material developments to come out of the design cycle it is almost a proof on concept. I would have one purely because of the way its manufacturer looks at the world, but it could easily spawn a new generation of city car.
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