How big an F1 fan are you ?


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A bit of fun to pass the time between racing weekends.

Im guessing your a fairly big fan seeing you are on an F1 forum, but just how big ?

I'll go first.

I have been watching F1 races since I was 10 years old (1984)
I haven't missed 1 single race since then. I have also watched every single race live. Sometimes it has been a foreign commentary when on holiday, but I have watched them all none the less. :snacks:
I have been to (I think) 11 Silverstone GP's and 1 at MagneCourse and 1 at Nurbergring.
I lead the track invasion when Nigel passed Piquet at the bottom of hanger straight on the last lap. :cheer:
I own a Williams sports bag. A Mclaren Poloshirt, T-shirt and Sweater.
I am a member of the Mclaren fan club.
I used to have an F1 slick tyre in my garden being used as a plant pot (it broke up from age :disappointed:).
I also have a wide selection of F1 books.
I am going to Silverstone this year. Woohoo. :yesss:

Phew... ok your turn.
I'll have a go at this.

I've been watching F1 since around 1984/85 (I was also 10 in 84)

I've been an avid Lotus fan since those days.

I've been to two British GP's (Silverstone 92 and Silverstone 96)

I wrote to Lotus in 92 asking for drivers autographs and was sent an envelope with signed pictures of both Herbert and Hakkinen plus tons of car decals and stickers. All of which I still have at home.

I have loads of books and DVDs on F1 and especially Lotus.

I was the only person on the banking just after Abbey at Silverstone in 1992 waving a flag with "LOTUS" on it and one of the few people in the crowd not that bothered about a Mansell win.

I own a Lotus Elan SE (M100)

I went to the 1997 Arrows Factory open day after they had just signed Damon Hill.

I am attempting to collect the Autographs of every Lotus F1 works driver. Currently the pride of my collection is Colin Chapman, Graham Hill and Ronnie Peterson. I am very proud of the Peterson autograph because it also has Chris Amon and Jo Siffert on the page.

To top it all, if we (the wife and I) have a baby girl, her middle name will be Elise after the Lotus car of course :D
I jumped onto the Lewis Hamilton bandwagon after the 2007 season having had absolutely no previous interest in F1.

The first Grand Prix I ever watched was the 2008 Australian GP.
This Big.

Started watching in 03/04, earliest memory is the crazy 03 interlagos race.

Decided to support Renault who came up trumps the next year.

I have more F1 books than you can shake a tree trunk at.

Hopefully going to my first race next year.

Know lots of irrelevant F1 facts (all the champions :bored:)

Became a Fangio fan after watching his 'Ring 57 drive

Watched every race live since 05, and am misreable if I miss Qualifying. (Will miss Spa race this year as I am on a plane :()

Have a small amount of F1 merchandise.

Saw the Superprix at Brands a couple of years ago that was mostly from the early seventies (those ugly air intakes :()
Ok here goes.

The first Grand Prix I remember sitting down and watching was the French Grand Prix in 1990(I was 9 at the time) - originally I watched it because my Dad was watching but got fascinated(and gutted at the end) with Ivan Cappeli coming from nowhere to almost win it - hence my user pic.

Between 1990 and 1993 - I loved Mansell and hated Senna

In 1993 I loved Senna, hated Prost and thought Hill was Prost stooge.

In 1994 I was eating choclate pudding whilst I watched Ayrton Senna's last grand prix. I've never eaten choclote pudding since.

in 1995 I watched what I still regard as one of the greatest Grand Prix's ever - Silverstone 1995 - in a beach side cafe on the island of Rhodes with a bunch of very friendly Germans who seemed to enjoy Johnny Herberts victory just as much as me.

Around 1998 me and a close friend came up with this thing where when we were around parents where we'd replace swear words with the names of F1 drivers - I still enjoy telling him to Shinji Nakano off every now and again.

I always find myself defending Schumacher as a great driver even though deep down I hate him.

2003 is still my fave season ever and was much better than this so called 'golden gen' in my opinion.

I once tipped Christian Boullian to be a future world champ

The first time I ever placed a bet at a bookies was on Alonso to win the Korean GP last year at 5/2 - how lucky am I?
Big enough (at least that's what the ladies all say:whistle:)

I attended two of the last 3 (ever?) non-championship Grand Prix. Jarama 1980 was my first, aged 6 (so there, you lot ;)) where I remember seeing Pironi's wheel come off and Brands 1983 Race of Champions my second.

Initially a fan of Alan Jones (who won in Jarama 1980), then Keke, Nige, Hill, Button & Montoya (all Williams drivers). In recent years have stuck with Button after he left and Williams stuck with Ralf (who proved too hard to support).
Fan of any F1 driver who drives like he wants to, surprise surprise, - actually win the race at all costs and is prepared to risk everything to do so.. Don't like pit stop strategy - like it all to happen on the track. I'm a "Grass Roots" fan who watched his first race aged 4 at Boreham Wood. Enjoy F1 but no more than other Motorsports such as WRC. For me it comes down to the entertainment value, which in turn, means the drivers and not the cars... At the start of each event I wonder who is going to impress me with their skill.
I know I watched F1 before, I just was a car fanatic when I was younger, I have been told by family, and cousins that I wouldn't walk around without a toy car, and would leave a toy car at someones house, as I knew I would comeback there (yeah I know weirdo)

But the first race I remember is 1999 Australia when I was 7, but I knew I watched it before, but my memorys bad, I supported Ferrari, Schumacher and Irvine then, I watched it a lot missing a few races a season, I started watching every race round about the 2005-2006 season.

The best seasons for me are 98, 99, 07, 08. (Yes I know I said 98 when I can only recall 99) but I watched many races now from then.

I have many F1 car models, most of them being the WEST McLaren's :embarrassed: I have a few F1 books, only been to one grand prix being Spa last year.

I get called the F1 encylcopedia by my friends, but I wonder what they would call Galahad and others on here :snigger:
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