Homage to the Tyrrell P34

It is a shame that these and other crazy F1 designs will never see the light of day again.

Check out Williams answer to the 6 wheeled car from a few seasons later. While the car was tested it was never raced but It dosn't stop it from looking mental.

http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/C ... 34167.html

Could you imagine what F1 cars would be like today if Side Skirts, Moveable Aero, 6 Wheels, Turbos and Fans were not banned. I'd imagine you'd have to have certain round objects of the male anatomy to be the size of dustbins to get in and drive it.
Thanks for that c_a_t.

There's a great video of the P34 in action on that page.

Look how exposed the upper half of the driver's body is :o
Is it me or in the video does the P34 seem to have a rather large turning circle?

The front wheels don't seem to have much clearance from the front wings!
Was all the fairing on the car when that video was taken? That video made me realise just how much more exciting F1 was when the cars were actually 'driven' you can see him opposite locking and drifting the car out of corners and when you knew the drivers were taking their lives in their hands every time they climbed into the cockpit. I guess thats why i now find motogp more exciting to watch, ho hum...
Yep, the Tyrrell P34 was class! Innovation was the name, and British teams were at the fore of it. *sigh* Those were the days...

I just love the size of those rear tyres! Cars of that era were how F1 racing cars were MEANT to look! Even the bulk standard four wheel variety... *walks away muttering about the bloody FIA/HSE brigade*...! >:(
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