Haye vs Klitschko

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Not my cup of cake
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It was pretty embarrasing, all that talk before the match and he now blames a broken toe........
Cristiano Ronaldo of the boxing ring, apart from springing around, falling down and throwing the right hand overhead cross, he kinda forgot that boxing is cumlative hitting, and Klitchko worked his jab and lead hook combos well enough to easily win round after round.

By no means did Klitchkko fight well but he seemed to control the fight well, Haye by 9 needed a knock out to win and that was never going to happen. Looked completely frozen out.
Sounds like some conflicts on this site :whistle: In all seriousness Haye never stood a chance, he was stupid for going against Klitschko.
Klitchko fought his usual fight.Jab, Jab and the occassional right hander.Haye was never in the fight at all.
But the "poor chap had a bad toe" Bless him.

Boxing promoter Frank Warren tells BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek programme that David Haye should retire after losing his heavyweight unification clash to Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on Saturday.
Warren calls Haye a "cry baby" after the Londoner blamed his defeat on a broken toe he recently suffered.
Haye needs to thank his lucky stars that he was fighting Wlad.Vitali would have knocked his head off.
Maybe a drop to super middleweight test out that competition, and the toe story doing its rounds.....so sad really. I would have understood a fracture to finger or hand, but a toe.....really serious Dave, keep it real.
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