Top 10 Quizzes - Austria 2002


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So Ferrari have brought their team orders in again. Remember the last time. Will a Top 10 Quiz refresh your memory?

2. Rubens Barrichello finished on the podium in all his Austrian GPs with Ferrari. Who was between him and winner Schumacher in 2003?

Kimi Raikkonen

1. Name the four Grand Prix titles (eg. Spanish, European etc.) where Micheal Schumacher has raced but not won.

Turkish (2005, 2006, 2010), Luxembourg (1997, 1998), Mexico (1992), South Africa (1992, 1993)

3. Juan-Pablo Montoya is Colombia's 3rd man to start a Formula One race. The other is Roberto Guerrero. What was Guerrero's best result?

8th, at the 1982 (Fight Club) German GP

4. Other than JPM, name the only team-mate Ralf Schu kept for more than a single year.

Jarno Trulli, explaining why Toyota never won anything!

5. Both Giancarlo Fisichella's career Fastest Laps came at the same circuit. Which?

Barcelona in 1997 and 2005

6. 'Red Buell' ambassador David Coulthard started from a certain position 31 times in his career, the first for Williams at the Hungaroring in 1994 and the last for McLaren at the 2004 French Grand Prix. He started in this position more often than any other in his career, including 8 times in 1999 alone. Which position?

3rd (often behind his team-mate and Schumacher!)

7. Jenson Button has scored 3 career Fastest Laps. How many of those 3 races did JB win?

2 (Turkey, Malaysia 2009) vs (Europe 2010). If you said 1.5 you earn 1 point but get an official warning for being a smart arse.

8. Talking of Ferrari team-orders (charge #3) Mika Salo led Eddie Irvine at the 1999 German Grand Prix, but ceded position to his championship challenging (we all saw it, I don't think we believe it) team-mate! Who was the only other constructor who finished two cars?

Minardi finished cars for Gene and Badoer (1 lap down).

9. Allan McNish's F1 career consisted of a year with Toyota and a year as a Friday third driver. For which team was he a Friday third driver?


10. Jacques Villeneuve never led a lap in F1 after 1997 and he didn't get a fastest lap. How many of his 23 podiums came after his title year?

A grand total of ... 4! (Ger, Hun 1998; Esp, Ger 2001)

Dunno if this counts to the July or August rankings!
2, although I sure I can't be held responsible for any 'compiling errors' that may transform it into a 5. :D

And by my reckoning this one squeaks into July by about 20 minutes.
I try to bounce around, FB, but Austria 2002 was chosen based upon recent events. If there is a context then I'll pounce!

I will be dipping my toes into all decades with this series if at all possible!
I know you do TBY and the effort you put into these is greatly appreciated. I was just being selfish LOL
Avon & Somerset Police report on the answering for the Top 10 Quiz - Austria 2002.

Question 1. was killed by pulling the victim's body into pieces, by having horses pull on each extremity until the said victim was "quartered". Only one of the four parts was identified correctly. The other three remain unanswered.

All other questions escaped unscathed (answered incorrectly) and are also therefore witnesses, in this shameful episode of quiz answering.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this report, is that McZiderRed is responsible for getting 1/4 of a point in this quiz.
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