Hamilton vs Rosberg


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Whats the story with these two this season?

Two people who are supposidly good mates, seem to be on the road to a fall out. It seems that these two could become like Hamilton v Massa of last year.

Firstly Nico punts Hamilton off the track in Bahrain and both had differing views on the whole thing. Then there's today where Nico's Mercedes team try and get Hamilton punished in qualifying.

Could these two close friends become fremeries? If so will this be a problem if Hamilton was to join the Mercedes team?
I doubt they'll become "fremeries". I think the go back a pretty long way and they're used to competing with each other and stuff happens on track and they both know it.

I can only see it go wrong if they become teammates, somehow I don't think team rivalries are good for friendships.
I think that it may be that there is a little more at stake now than there has been in the past, certainly in F1, Nico is probably now in the most competitive car he has had since he started in F1, and he has won a race, so perhaps his expectations have increased, and as such, the lengths to which he is willing to go have also increased.

I think they will be ok, Lewis seemed genuinely pleased for him in China, so I am sure a couple of small incidents should not mar their friendship too much.
I think you are creating a story that really isn't tnere HammydiRestarules
Are you planning on a career in journalism? I have some contacts that might be of help, but be quick before Leveson makes decisions on their future.
Actually my impression is that their relationship has been frosty for some time. A couple of things here and there. The beeb did a race build-up feature a few races ago, when members of the public texted questions to Hamilton, and one viewer asked Hamilton who does he hang out with socially among drivers. The name of Rosberg never came up.
I said this somewhere else and it's pure speculation on my part but I wonder if there wasn't a little bit of a tiff at the end of the 2009 season when Rosberg was in contention for a McLaren seat the following season. There was that drivers' press conference around that time attended by both drivers and Lewis was asked about his future team-mate, to which he replied his main focus was to concentrate on his own job and that he'd welcome whoever would be joining him. Nico interrupted by saying "Well that didn't seem very enthusiastic from Lewis (about Nico joining)".. maybe he wasn't joking after all... Button got the drive eventually and it was widely reported at the time that what swung it was that Jenson personally made a visit to McLaren's headquarters of his own initiative, without any entourage and that McLaren were quite impressed by what he had to say and the fact he took it upon himself to start negotiations.
Rosberg had then definitely decided to leave Williams and was definitely interested in joining McLaren. Maybe he felt aggrieved his friend seemingly hadn't tried using his influence to swing the balance in his favour?

Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into all that but in any case it doesn't matter an awful lot I suppose. They're both adults and grown-up enough to choose whether they want to be friends or not, it's their own problem.
I think if they are going to become 'frenemies' it'll be Nico that decides they are. Despite the fact that on his day Nico can be the fastest driver on the grid he does it so rarely that I don't think Lewis will ever consider him a serious rival.

I've ate humble pie before where Nico is concerened though so maybe I could end up with a second helping.
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