Movies Free HD cartoons for iOS? What's the catch?


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Has anyone seen the number one app on the App Store? It's called cartoons HD and you can watch many HD cartoons and films for free. It's not just old programs it even includes the latest Disney and other blockbusters.

It also has the full back catalog of shows such as family guy, Simpsons, American dad as well as many others.

So far everything seems to be free, no hidden charges and apparently legal as it is freely available on the apple store.

The rumours are to get it while it's available as it may get pulled by Apple.

Another talking point is the legality of the media which is free to stream and download. This isn't a peer to peer torrent site but a dedicated streaming service.
Cancel that. In the time it took me to create the thread it seems that the app has now been pulled from the store. Still works though for anyone lucky to download it.

Edit. A new one has taken it's place. Now called HDcartoon.
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