Formula One First XI


No passing through my dirty air please
Just read this article:

and it seems a strange combination of players. Its not the 2 GP2 drivers being drafted in that confuses me but the fact that 50 year old Emanuele Pirro makes an appearence. Although he is a driver steward so maybe they are buttering him up.

Bit surprised their is no Schumie in there but I bet he's a bit of a goal hanger.

So what positions do we reckon they'll play. Massa has to be at the back right?
If you want me to make an F1 themed football team, I shall... Also, I will if you don't!

1. Kamui Kobayashi (Goalkeeper)
Proved in Canada he can make a great save.​
2. Narain Karthikeyan (Right Back)
Well, he's in an HRT​
3. Pedro de la Rosa (Left Back)

4. Nico Rosberg (Centre Back)
Prone to a bit of physicality needed by the best centre backs, as Brogan says!​
5. Canadian GP Marshal (Sweeper)
The position is a little out of fashion, but then so is sweeping the track with brooms.​
6. Felipe Massa (Defensive Midfielder)

7. Sebastian Vettel (Right Wing)
Because Red Bull gives him the right wing!​
8. Jenson Button (Central Midfielder)
He passes a lot.​
9. Kimi Raikkonen (False Nine)
He always seems to challenge for the F1 title when in car #9, so it is a bit false!​
10. Lewis Hamilton (Attacking Midfielder)
Also passes a lot, but starts a little bit forward of Button, in the hope he won't impede Massa​
11. Mark Webber (Left Wing)
When Seb gets his wing, the one that's left goes to Mark.​
Subs? How about:

12: Charles Pic (Reserve Goalkeeper)
Like any reserve goalie, right at the back and not getting a proper opportunity​
13: Christian Horner (Defender)
Always defending his team from allegations of lying, but willing to go to the other end at corners (specifically W-Duct corners)...​
14: Adrian Sutil (Offensive Midfielder)

15: Nelsinho Piquet (Utility Player)
Handy to have in your team because he'll do anything to ensure the team's success - even to his own detriment.​
16: Pastor Maldonado (Left or Right Winger)
As a friend of Chavez, he's bound to be a left winger, but he still buying his seat off the back of a corporation...​
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