Formula 1 to be investigated by the European Union


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Force India and Sauber have apparently registered a formal complaint with the European Union with regards to how F1 revenues are distributed.

F1 facing EU investigation after Sauber, Force India complaint

Joe Saward has an old blog post about it here: The F1 financial structure explained (in four sentences)

No-one knows the exact situation of course, it's all secret, which is exactly how Ecclestone wants it.
This however is supposed to be fairly accurate (courtesy of Joe Saward).


Maybe now everyone will finally see the true picture, assuming the EU has the remit (and desire) to demand (and get) the specifics from FOM (or whoever is in charge).

I have a feeling though that Ecclestone will once again come out on top, as he always does.
CVC has commercial rights on the Formula 1.
Which relation has the sport Eurocomission into finance in Formula 1?
Management of Fors India and Sauber made absurdity.

It is not olympic sport.
It is full commercial competition with own rules of game.

If you has possibility and power you may get privileges.
If you doesn't like these rules you can go out.
The EU has previously ruled that the rulemaking and the commercial sides of the sport should be kept separate, which is not the case when CVC/Bernie has 6 of the 18 votes for the strategy group.
If you look at the model of F1 it is basically a monopoly and does not encourage fair competition. The main gripe is Ferrari get a royalty payment for being in F1 since 1950 and then the big 5 teams get bonus payments based on winning past championships on top of their finishing positions in the constructors championship. So already you have inequality in F1 between the established teams and the small teams and new entrants

The current money distribution does not allow for fair competition. CVC are based in Europe then must answer to EU regulations.. what impact this has who knows?
I have a sneaky feeling that Mr Ecclestone will have everything sewn up good and tight. He is being too relaxed about it. The people who should be getting wary are the favoured teams; Mr Ecclestone may well claim that they forced him into the inequalities.
they have got a point as you know bernie, its sign it or leave because the top teams wont back up the smaller teams for the good of the sport & ferrari getting as much as williams & more than Force India Lotus Sauber Toro Rosso & Marussia get in overall prize money just for turning up thats cant be fair

the team principals in the italian/singapore team principals conferences have said about the v6 old/new engines they dont want a 2 tier formula 1 but im afraid we already got it for a few years. the teams that have money top 4 & the teams that always on the brink of financial collapse that's reason why sadly the biggest wallet trumps the biggest talent & GP2 is becoming irrelevant. the strength in depth f1 used to have isn't as deep
They knew what they were signing up for. Whether or not the EU takes any action, it's pretty poor form and another indication of the quality of team management in the sport. Bernie's robbed them blind for 40 years and they're falling over each other to praise him.
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