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Now that we can leave the Mclaren thing behind I thought it's time we glanced over the fence at Marinello and tried to figure out what's going on with the lads in red.

By my reckoning it is Ferraris worst start to a season since 1993.

Are we seeing a return to the days when Ferrari couldn't design a decent chassis for all the tea in China or is this a minor blip that will be corrected with a quick tweek. It appeared last season that Kimi was suffering from a lack of motivation at times so how will this down turn in team performance affect him.

Could the seat to have for 2010 suddenly have become the poison challis?

Are we now seeing the long term affect of the loss of the Brawn / Todt axis ?
Well, Fernando Alonso desperately wants the Ferrari seat for 2010, which suggests that it won't be that good based on 'Nando's decision making since the end of Q2 in the 2007 Hungarian GP! I think its worrying for the Scuderia that they have not really progressed this season - McLaren were struggling to get into Q2 in Australia and they're now probably the 4th best team on the grid, Ferrari started 6th and are probably 6th or 7th now!

It looks like Raikkonen is not exactly over-motivated, whilst Massa has been extremely unlucky.

But the best thing was at the Malaysian GP when we'd all seen Raikkonen "at the beach" and a Comical Ali type figure told us he'd re-start!

Not a good year for the men in red!
I think we are probably seeing a re-enactment of the Italian WW2 offensive!

If Kimi was demoralised last year, he must be feeling suicidal now and Massa seems to be a magnet for bad luck.

IMO, it is unlikely that the Reds will stage a comeback this season - there doesn't seem to be the structure or management skills necessary to produce such a monumental turn-round. Brawn and Todt were the driving force and genius that made them what they once were.
I think Ferrari are doing quite well this year, don't forget they're racing in a White car this season..... ;)
Ferrari really have lost the plot, Its not the Car that peole should be worried about, Its the stratergy calls! I think on the techinal side, they can still make a good enough cat to get to the top again, everyone proclaimed Ferrari's demise in 03 (which they went on to win) and in 05, years of two quite big rule changes which Ferrari have a history of not doing well at adjusting, and they have come back. But the stratergy side of things is a problem Ferrari certainly havent suffered from chronically for as long as ive been watchin f1 (15years). It seems really strange thats whats worrying that there appears to be no reason for it.

On the kimi issue I think he was suffering because last year the out-done by somebody who at the start of the 08 season wasn't considered at the same level, I think he has car that suited his style more and has looked better this year compared to massa. Its certainly not Kimi who Ferrari need to get rid of, perhaps the people in the paddock incharge of pitstops and tyre calls.
The new Ferrari logo LOL

Amdathlonuk said:
I think Ferrari are doing quite well this year, don't forget they're racing in a White car this season..... ;)

Adrian Newey and David Coulthard were at Red Bull last year, but we didn't call them McLaren!
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