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I did Men in Black International today. Compared to MiB 3 it was a work of greatness. Compared to 1 & 2 it came up short, still worth a watch if you've got time on your hands.


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Yesterday being May the 4th, Disney Plus released Star Wars part the 9th the Rise of Skywalker.

I watched it with my son.

Okey dokey, it looks great and there were some good bits but in truth it basically ignores the whole of the previous film and there are so many huh? Why? WTF? moments that even my 8 year old son was astute enough to say "but that doesn't make any sense because......"

I've always struggled with Star Wars as when I was a kid I loved it but as an adult it's always been bollocks, entertaining bollocks but bollocks all the same.

The final film (Dear God please let part 9 be the final one!!) is good looking but utterly bollocks bollocks.

End of review.


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I'm a sci-fi and fantasy nut, but that's one series I have zero interest in and haven't liked any of the films I have seen.

I'd rather watch Rambo Last Blood nine times ...


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I watched Annihalation the other night. Visually great, very strange story though. I also watched One Upon a Time in Hollywood. Why did Tarantino base it around a true story but then mess with it? I could have worked without the back story he based it on.


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It was, the director has a propensity for surreal drama. He did the TV series Devs which very watchable but went off at some weird tangents.

The Artist.....

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I was forced to watch it last night - all the way through this time 😡

Good grief it's garbage!

The whole storyline is just junk - some guy hides a super suit for decades but then gives it away to a random criminal - well, he makes him "steal" it rather than giving it away.

It gets better though - said guy can control ants just by using an earpiece and thinking what he wants them to do.
Miraculously, he's able to simultaneously control multiple ants and issue different commands to each one, with the ants instinctively knowing which command is for them and not the millions of other ants around it.


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Avengers 4 makes no sense...
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