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The FIA seem to have relaunched their website this week to replace their old version... It seems much more accessible now, and builds upon the changes they had begun with the new format for the F1 media centre.... A tentative thumbs up from me!
I just hope it all returns before the 2013 season starts and it is all publicly, freely accessible as it was before.

If not...
There was also a huge archive of lap charts, circuit maps, etc. going back several years.
That was via a different link though, although public.

Can you post the link to the last race pdf files?
I have been unsuccessful in my efforts trying to locate them.
Thank chap.

How the hell did you find that from the main page?
I must have clicked on every available link and still didn't.

Edit: The lap chart was one of those which was available on the other link so I wonder if they are going to be made available again from next year. Good job we generate our own :)
From the sports page, click on f1, then under season 2012, click on the Brazilian grand prix page...

On that page, there's a grid of 6 images, And the bottom left one says event info- this links to the timing info...Admittedly, it's not the most accessible place to put them- a tab with "archive" somewhere on the f1 page would be VERY useful!

Just noticed the RSS feed we were using for the homepage has also been discontinued.
Now there is a choice between press releases, news and careers and that's it.
It's no longer possible to get a feed for a specific sport, e.g. F1.
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