FIA FIA clarifies chicane-cutting position

Wonders will never cease.

The FIA have actually done something sensible and unambiguous... :o

It will be interesting to see how this is argued in the court now.
The rule change has been made after the incident, just like with Ferrari's moving floor in Australia...
The problem is that this can be seen as yet more ambiguity. What exactly constitutes one corner? I'm wondering what the position would be at, say, Canada? If you consider turns 8/9 as a chicane then the next corner is the hairpin (turn 10) therefore the next overtaking/outbraking opportunity is at the 'Champions' corner chicane some 2.5km up the road! Or does the kinks on the straight in between constitute corners?
Yes, I was too hasty in praising the FIA.

I can now see that this has the potential to cause even more problems.
Is Parabolica a corner for example?
What about Turn 8 at Turkey?

Perhaps they'll make another clarification after the next incident?
The FIA today issued the following statement in response to allegations in the UK media.

“It has come to our attention that the private activities of the FIA and Ferrari at Spa have been filmed and distributed to the general public over the last weekend, together with false statements that the events depicted had a ‘sporting’ theme”.

“The activities depicted were a private matter between the participants, all of whom were consenting adults. Suggestions that one of the ‘victims’, a Mr L. Hamilton, was a child are completely untrue. He is a consenting adult who just looks underage and he was financially rewarded for his subservient part in the role-playing of the dominant participants”.

“Parades of Ferrari automobiles are perfectly legal when conducted in private by consenting adults, even when they include role-play. We regard the media tactics to be most intrusive. Some even used helicopters to film the private activities of the participants. The FIA utterly refutes any suggestion by the media that what took place at Spa was meant to be a ‘sporting event’ and will pursue a case for libel against those who have made such scurrilous allegations.”
Well, a rule made official is a good start, so now if you cut a chicane near anothr car, you have to wait till after the next corner to benefit from it.....

In my somewhat perverted and challenged mind it is now OK to miss every corner catching up with the car in front (or in order to stay in front) as long as you behave when you're near them. Or am I wrong, have they tightened/clarified the hearsay regarding behaviour when you're on your own on the track?

Thing is, if Raikkonnen had been nowhere near Hamilton at that infamous event, Hamilton could have gained a load more, and been ignored completely - somehow that just doesn't sound right
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